June 2014



Construction Reminder:

Questar is in the process of laying new gas lines along 1300 East from 8000 South to 10200 South.  This will cause significant traffic disruption along 1300 East during the summer and fall. Please be extra cautious when entering or leaving the Center from 1300 East.  Remember, there is always the option of using the Entrance/Exit located along 9400 South at 1000 East. 

Diabetes Specialists-Mon, June 30th @ 10:00am/107A:

How Diabetes Specialists can help you with diabetes and the services they provide to help prevent further complications with the disease. Facilitated by Andrea Romney.

July 2014





July is National UV awareness month, so let’s have safe fun in the sun! With beautiful summer weather finally here in Utah, more of us will be spending time outdoors doing different hobbies. We at Sandy Senior Center and Salt Lake County Health Department, encourage you to practice sun safety measures to protect your skin whenever you’re outside enjoying the great weather. Studies show that-over 70% of seniors practice some kind of sun safety-so that’s a good start. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States, with UV rays from the sun being the main cause of skin cancer. The damaging rays cause premature wrinkles, blotches and freckles on the skin that can turn into melanoma. So what’s the good news? Skin cancer can be prevented: here are 5 ways to help protect yourself from the sun’s rays: wear SPF 30 or higher, cover up with long sleeve shirts and hats, check your skin for changes regularly, stay out of the sun between 10am-4pm, and lastly, one that many do not think of,wear sunglasses! UV rays on the eyes can cause Cataracts, Retinal Degeneration and Pterygium (growths in the white part of the eye that cause pain). So next time you go outside don’t forget that sunscreen.

July 13th -18th is National EveryBODY deserves a massage week! Massages are natural remedy used for pain relief and to promote healing. Massage therapy can help relieve pain from Arthritis, Lupus, migraines and back injuries. During a massage endorphins which are natural pain relieving chemicals are released, so that’s why a massage feels so good! So on Friday July 18th from 9-12 we will have 4 massage tables out with Myotherapy College students doing FREE 15 min chair massages. Sign-up sheets are in the hall so sign up and enjoy!

Hiking Group: Tues, July 1st @ 9:15am:

Join PT David Butler to hike low impact trails in Sandy.  Meet at the center and ride the bus. Bring water and wear hiking shoes.

AARP Drivers Safety–Wed, July 2nd @ 10:00am-3pm 101:

Learn safe driving techniques and strategies. Safe Driver Certificate awarded upon completion. $15 for AARP members/$20 for non-members.

Golf Club-Thurs, July 3, 10, 17, 31 @ 9:00am/Fore Lakes Course:

Join this fun loving group on the greens. Hosted by Bob Mueller. Meets at the golf course.

Gentle Yoga-Thurs, July 3, 10, 17, 31 @ NEW time-12:45pm/201:

Gentle Yoga is for those who want a relaxing experience, great for beginners/those who like chair yoga. Taught by Karen Walker.

Guitar Lessons-Mon July 7, 14, 21, 28th  @ 10:00am/101A:

Do you have a guitar and can play a little but want to learn chords, strums, and picks? If so, then this class is for you!  Facilitated by Arlaine Austin, professional guitar instructor for over 40 years. 

Late 4th of July Celebration-Mon July, 7th @ 11:00am:

Join us for a late 4th of July Celebration with the Patriotic music of The Timesteppers and a delicious meal with a treat. Come early to get a good seat.

Book Group-Mon July 7, 21 @ 1:00pm/101:

Join a friendly open discussion group that talks about life, aging and grief and how to start the healing process. Facilitated by Helen Rollings.

Lunch Bunch Tues, July 8th @ 9:30am:

Ride the center bus and visit the new “City Creek” mall and all the shops and eat at the food court. Facilitated by Meg Allen.

Parkinson’s Support Group- Thurs, July 10th @ 2:00pm/101:

Barbara will go over the Parkinson’s Newsletter and discuss how a balanced lifestyle is the best for not only Parkinson’s members but for everyone. She will focus on balanced life, diet and medication. Facilitated by Barbara Royal.

Tennis Club-Fri, July 11, 18, 25 @ 9:00am/Bicentennial Park:

Join others who like to play tennis for some friendly competition. Hosted by Tom Wilson. 

Wise Use of Medication-Fri July 11th @ 10:00am/101:

Learn about the dangers connected with taking both prescription and over the counter drugs. Why to keep your Dr. informed about all drugs you are taking and how to prevent harmful side effects. And how dosages change over time. Facilitated by Renee Petty U of U Pharmacist.  

Current Events-Fri July 11, 25th @ 10:00am/101:

Participate in discussing current events in the news with a vigorous group of Center Seniors.

Estate Planning-Mon July 14th @ 10:00am/101:

This seminar will provide seniors valuable information on wills, trusts, powers of attorneys. Facilitated by Pearson Butler Law.

Indoor Bowling-Mon July 14th @ 10:00am/back of Café:

Join Beehive Senior Living for a friendly game of indoor bowling in the back of the café and get a treat for every strike you get.

Aches and Pains Assessments– Tues, July 15th @ 9:30am/106:

Have your aches and pains assessed by David Butler  from Mountain Land Physical Therapy and Rehab. Sign up for an appointment.

Summer Time BBQ-Tues, July 15th @ 11:00am/Café:

Come for a summer BBQ filled with country music of The New Fiddlers and a meal of pork, beans potato salad and a peach treat. Come early and enjoy the music.

Strength Training with Sandy Health and Rehab– Thurs, July 17th @ 10:00/Gym:

Join PT Steve, practice safe and healthy weight training. Meet in Center Gym.

Massage Day-Fri July 18th @ 9:00am/101A:

Sign up for a FREE 15 minute massage by Myotherapy college students. Sign up for a time slot.

Tipping the Scale in Your Favor-Fri July 18th @ 10:30am/101B:

Learn how to change the number on the scale in your favor, learn healthy eating patterns, foods that fight fat and how to live a longer healthier life. Facilitated by New York Times bestseller, featured on the Today Show and Tonight Show, Dian Thomas.

Vital Aging/Valley Behavioral Health-Mon, July 21st @ 10:00 107B:

Building resilience, we all experience stress, conflict and things that get us down. How we deal with them is our choice we either: ignoring them, talking them out or seeking help. Overcoming them is best . Learn how to increase your resilience and ability to bend with the times. Facilitated by Rhonda Bush.

Stepping on Follow-Up-Mon July 21st @ 10:00am/101B:

A follow up for those who completed the Stepping Up fall prevention class. A discussion on how the class has helped members at home. Facilitated by Erika Thompson, SL County, Health Educator. 

Cooking for Just 1 or 2?: Mon, July 21st @ 10:30am/Café:

This monthly interactive cooking workshop teaches  how to cook the right amount for just one or two.  Facilitated by Kevin Hill from Western Stairlifts.

Health Insight, hospital preparedness-Mon July 21st @ 11:15am/Café:

How to prepare for hospital stay,  how you can make the stay more effective, ease recovery and avoid returning to the hospital. Facilitated by Carson Ralphs from Health Insight.

Knight Tours and Cruises: Tues July 22nd @ 9:30am/101A:

Find out the destinations Knight Tours and Cruises will be going to in the Summer/Fall of 2014 and 2015. Get brochures and booklets. Facilitated by Berry Knight.

Health Insight, End of Life Care-Mon July 28th @ 11:15am/Café:

How to make your last wishes known, or choose a loved one to make decisions for you. Learn how you can prepare family and other caregivers and yourself for end of life care. Facilitated by Carson Ralphs. 

How home equity can be used to increase income-Mon July 28th @ 10:00am/107A:

Learn how to downsize to create income, get rental income, own a 2nd home with no payments, purchase income property with no payments. Treats will be served. Facilitated by Mark Hammond and Suzie Pickering.

Frank Lloyd Wright-Wed, July 29th @ 10:00am/101:

Learn about what inspired Mr. Wright’s Usonian and Organic architecture and why he is considered an artist as well as an architect. Facilitated by Don Marr.