February 2015



Mental Health Issues in the County-Thurs, Feb 26th @ 10:30am/107:

    Mental Health Issues within the County. Facilitated by The League of Women Voters.

    AARP Tax Aide-Starting Fri, Feb 6th– April 10th. Fridays weekly. Call the center for an appointment. Bring your reading glasses, 2013 tax return and valid picture ID.

March 2015



March is National Healthy Eating Month! Not only is it important to eat healthy as a child and adult, but it is especially important to eat healthy as a senior.  For adults over 60, the benefits of healthy eating include increased mental acuteness, resistance to illness and disease, higher energy levels, faster recuperation times, and better management of chronic health problems. As we age, eating well can also be the key to a positive outlook and staying emotionally balanced.Make sure to eat sufficient high-quality protein can improve your mood, boost your resistance to stress, anxiety, and depression, and even help you think clearly For Nutritious, delicious meals come to the center and eat our lunches! We have two options to choose from: the regular meal or the lighter alternate meal-both are full of the key nutrients we all need!

           Health Fair

We are excited to host our annual Health Fair, Wednesday March 11th @ 8:30-11:30am, room 201.

Over 40 vendors and health service providers will attend.  There will be many free health screenings: Roseman Nursing Students-B.P/Glucose; Alta View Hospital- Vision, Connect Hearing-Hearing Tests, and Skin Cancer screenings;  Frameworks– free eyeglass kits; Senior Tours; Wasatch Spinal- Spinal Screenings; Sandy Health and Rehab- Strength and Grip Tests; Utah Poison control; Gold Fish Acupuncture-other options to medications; Sandy Fire Department- Home Safety Checks. Essential Oils for life; Diabetes Specialists– foot care and shoes, and much more come join us!


      Special Events


Spring Celebration Buffet-Tues, March 10th @ 11:45am:

Come join us for entertainment by Susan Ronson singing her Patsy Cline Hits. The delicious meal will include: Glazed Ham, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Yams and  Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting-Yum. Entertainment starts at 11:30am come early to get a great seat!

Bird Sanctuary Show-Mon, March 2nd @ 10:00/101:

Come see as well as pet some amazing birds-turkeys, parrots, toucans and more. Learn about their origins, their diets, what sounds they make and why they are the color they are. Facilitated by Richard (the birdman). Great photo opportunity, bring the grandchildren!

Dream Workshop-Mon March, 2, 16th @ 10:00/107:

Do you wonder what dreams mean or why we have them? Facilitated by Liz Jolly, CSW with 30+ year experience with dreams. 

Indoor Bowling-Tues, March 3rd @ 9:30/café:

Come bowl for prizes with Connie from Beehive of Draper Homes. No sign up just come!

Shoulder Pain-what to do about it!-Tues, March 3rd @ 11:00/101A:

Do you have shoulder pain? This seminar will discuss what can be done to reduce the pain and discomfort. Facilitated by Dr. Meadows from Alta View Sports Medicine.

Senior String Orchestra Class-Tues, March 3, 10, 17, 24th,31st @12:00/101. Thurs, Feb 5, 12, 19, 26th@ 9:00/206:

Join our String Orchestra, all skill levels. Learn and have fun! Facilitated by Peg Hardin.

AARP Drivers Safety–Wed, March 4th @ 10:00am-3pm 107:

Learn safe driving techniques and strategies. Safe Driver Certificate awarded upon completion. $15 for AARP members/$20 for non-members. 

Fall Prevention inside and outside-Wed, March 4th @10:30/101:

Learn about where the most falls occur, what underlying risk factors you may have in your home and how to prevent falls in and out of the home. Facilitated by R.N. Jack Dawson from Everest College of Nursing.

Civil War Discussion Group-Fri, March 6th @ 10:00/107B:

An open forum for those interested in the events, politics, personalities of the great conflict.

Healthy Cooking For One-Fri, March 6th @ 10:00/107:

The best things you can do to age well is to eat nutritious meals, but cooking for one can be a challenge. Join Harmon's dietician Jonnell Masson to get planning and cooking tips to help you create healthy meals for one or two.

Native American History Presentation-Mon, March 9th @ 10:00/101:

Learn about the Choctaw Tribe from Franci Taylor the director of the American Indian Resource Center at the U of U and  enjoy a cultural presentation on American History and Ethno Botany.

Grace in Aging Part 3, Mon, March 9th @ 10:00/107:

Gathering the Special Conditions to stay mindful and usher us into our awakening. How not to waste time looming larger on our horizons like a ship in the harbor. Facilitated by Richard Nelson.

NLP: Persuasive Language, Wed March 11th @ 10:30/107:

The power of persuasive language and how your body believes words.  Facilitated by Carol Esterreicher.

Free Dental Screenings, Thurs, March 12th @ 8:30-11:30am/101:

Get a free dental evaluation from Roseman Dental Students. Sign up for a time!

Ukrainian Egg Art-Thurs, March 12, 19, 26 @ 2:00/204:

Make beautiful,  easy wax and dye egg art for Easter. $3.00 Donation. Facilitated by Meg Allen.

Parkinson’s Support Group- Thurs, March 12th @ 2:00/107:

Occupational from Valeo home care will discuss ADL’s-Activities of Daily Living, self care and how to make the most out of life. Facilitated by Mike Ogden.

Current Events-Fri, March 13, 27th @ 10:00am/107:

Participate in discussing current events with a vigorous group of Center Seniors. Facilitated by Sally Jo.

Senior Fraud and Scam Update-Fri, March 13th @ 10:00am/101A:

Hear about the latest in Frauds and Scams that are targeting seniors. Hear about Tax and IRS scams and learn how not to become a victim. Facilitated by Michael Pitts Investigator with Division of Commerce.

Celebrate National Pie Day-Fri, March 13th @11:45/Café:

Join us and have a slice of pie in lieu of National Pie Day!

Staying Well with Essential Oils-Mon, March 16th @ 10:00/101:

Learn how essential oils can help you stay healthy for the spring. Facilitated by Sue Billingslea.

Pathways to Cope with Grief and Loss-Mon, March 16th @ 10:00am/107:

Have the opportunity to share, and then process thoughts and feelings of loss and grief. Facilitated by Rhonda Bush, VMH.

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration-Tues, March 17th @ 11:45/Café:

Join our Irish Dancers at 11:15 am followed by a delicious Irish meal.   

Strength Training with Sandy Health and Rehab– Thurs, March, 19th @ 10:00/Cafe:

Join Physical Therapist Steve, practice safe and healthy weight training in the gym, make the equipment work for you.

Aches and Pains Assessments– Tues, March 17th @ 9:30am/106:

Have your aches and pains assessed by a physical therapist from Mountain Land Physical Therapy and Rehab. 

Oral Care, Inside and Out-Wed, March 18th @ 10:00/101:

Find out how to take the best care of your  mouth and teeth. Sign up for a FREE dental and oral cancer screening for March 24th. Facilitated by Dr. Harowitz.

Climb of Carstensz Pyramid in Indonesia-Fri, March 20th @ 10:00/101A:

Join Carol Masheter, Ph.D. who is the  oldest woman in the world to summit the highest peak on each continent including Everest, Carstensz Pyramid, and Mont Blanc.

Let’s Talk About Hearing Loss-Mon, March 23rd @ 10:00/101:

Learn how hearing loss impacts your and your families lives. Gets tools for handling hearing loss, what to do when communication breaks down and what resources are available. Facilitated by Katharine Evans from the Division of Services to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Let’s Start Gardening!-Mon, March 30th @ 10:00/101:

Learn how and when to plant seeds indoors and outdoors, learn when to buy and plant vegetable gardens, how to keep bugs away and  how to get the best garden possible. Have your planting and gardening questions answered. Facilitated by Craig Ramsey-Master Gardener from the USU extension.

FREE Toenail Cutting and Massage-Tues, March 31st @ 9:00/106:

Sign up for a free toenail clipping, calluses removal and foot massage. Facilitated by Absolute Compassion.