April 2015





April is National Good Sleep Month-Let’s get some good Zzzzz!

Many seniors have a hard time falling asleep, staying asleep or have bouts of insomnia, seniors also tend to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier then younger adults in an event called “sleep architecture.” So what can you do to get restful sleep? 

  • ˇ Stick to a sleep schedule don’t stray from it
  • ˇ Don’t drink too much caffeine before bed
  • ˇ Get comfortable: read a book or listen to music
  • ˇ Limit naps to no more than 30 min a day
  • ˇ Get up and get physical-come to the centers exercise classes!


    The 1st and 8th person to come and tell Autumn the names of the seven dwarfs will get a $5.00 Sizzler gift card.

        Special Events


    Thrift Store Giant Sale-Mon, April 20th–23rd @ 9:00am-1:00pm/101:

     Come to our thrift store sale, all items will be brought upstairs in 101. All proceeds will come back to the

    center for programming and special parties!  


    AARP Drivers Safety–Wed, April 1st @ 10:00am-3pm 101:

    Learn safe driving techniques and strategies. Safe Driver Certificate awarded at end of class. $15 for AARP members/$20 for non-members

    Civil War Discussion Group-Fri, April 3rd @ 10:00/107B:

     An open forum for those interested in the events, politics, personalities of the great conflict. Facilitated by Marcia and Judy.

    Grace in Aging Part 4 Fri, April 3rd@ 10:00/107.

    Withdrawal: We might miss the opportunity the withdrawal of aging offers if we don’t keep our intention to spiritually ripen in the forefront of our minds. In this chapter, the author of Aging with Grace gives us pointers for sharpening that intention. Facilitated by Craig Richard Nelson.

    Senior String Orchestra Class-Tues, April  7, 14, 21, 28th @12:00/101. Thurs, April  2, 9, 16, 23, 30th @ 9:00/206:

    Join our String Orchestra, all skill levels. Learn and have fun! Facilitated by Peg Hardin.

    Phoenix Jazz Band Party-Mon, April 6th @ 11:30/Café:

    Let’s start April off with a bang! Join us for a delicious meal of Salisbury Steak , Gravy, rice, spinach and fruit and enjoy the music of the Phoenix Jazz Band.

    Join Healthy Sandy to get in shape-Mon, April 6th @ 6:00pm:

    Register at Lone Peak Park Pavilion: 10140S 700E. Healthy Sandy provides the programs, events and support you need to meet a goal of Holistic Health Sandy Senior Center will be a sign - up registration location.  Ask for an flier that explains the program in detail.

    PVD, B.P., Glucose, Vision screenings-Tues, April 7th @ 9:30-12:00/Café:

     Health screenings from the Westminister College of Nursing-sign up for a time slot.

    Hip Pain-what to do about it!-Tues, April 7th @ 11:00/206:

    Do you have hip pain or have had a replacement? This seminar will discuss what can be done to reduce the pain and discomfort. Facilitated by Dr. Meadows from Alta View Sports Medicine.

    FREE Seminar: How to save money on Cell Phone Service-Tues, April 7th @ 1:30/207:

    Learn how to cut your cell phone bill down from $120/mo. to only $7.00/mo. Wow! Facilitated by John Welle.

    Parkinson’s Support Group- Thurs, April 9th @ 2:00/107:

    Occupational therapist from Valeo home care will discuss ADL’s-Activities of Daily Living, self care and how to make the most out of life. Facilitated by Mike Ogden.

    Current Events-Fri, April 10, 24th @ 10:00am/107:

    Participate in discussing current events with a vigorous group of Center Seniors. Facilitated by Sally Jo.

    Soap Making-Fri, April 10th @ 1:00/Café:

    $10 bars of soap for $8.

    Sleep Matters, how to get a good nights sleep-Mon, April 13th @ 10:00am/101:

    Learn how to relax  at night and get a restful nights sleep and learn tips. What over the counter sleep aides are not good for seniors. Facilitated by Carol Wilcox, LCSW  from Rocky Mountain Care.

    Mother’s Day Photos-Tues, April 14th @ 9:30/101:

    Get your photos professionally done by our Shutters Bug Camera Club and have them just in time for Mother’s Day. Sign up for a time slot.

    The Power of Positive Self Talk-Wed, April 15th @ 10:00am/101:

    Learn the power of the mind, how to empower the mind, how to change your thoughts, your life and reach your full potential. Facilitated by Richard Smart with the Positive Thinking Institute.

    Strength Training with Sandy Health and Rehab– Thurs, April 16th @ 10:00/Cafe:

    Join Physical Therapist Steve, practice safe and healthy weight training in the gym, make the equipment work for you.

    Computer Class Registration-Mon, April 20-23rd @ 9:30/Lobby:

    Sign up for computer classes. Classes start Monday, April 27th and lasts 4 weeks.

    Facilitated by Jerry, Stephen, Rex and John.

    Pathways to Coping with Pain-Mon, April 20th @ 10:00am/107:

    This class will provide an opportunity for individuals suffering from chronic pain to share their stories in an atmosphere of support and empathy. Explore the mind-body connection to help find relief from pain, practice relaxation and distraction techniques. Facilitated by Rhonda Bush, VMH.

    Aches and Pains Assessments – Tues, April 21st@ 9:30/106:

    Have your aches and pains assessed by a physical therapist from Mountain Land Physical Therapy and Rehab. 

    Walking with Ease meet and greet-Mon, April 27th @ 10:00/Café:

    Learn about Walking with Ease and how walking will help you relieve pain from Arthritis as well as keep you active “Walk for pain relief, walk for a healthy life.” Learn how to manage Arthritis pain and handle any challenges to your exercise plan. Get registered for this 6 week class that meets 3 times a week, M, W, F @ 10:00am: Facilitated by Salt Lake County Active Aging and the Arthritis Foundation.

    Identity theft and you-Mon, April 27th @ 10:00/101:

    Learn how identity theft effects seniors, what legal issues it creates, and what you can do to protect yourself and your family. Facilitated by Jan Tatangelo with Legal Shield.

    Café Bowling-Tues, April 28th @9:30/Café:

    Join Connie from Beehive of Draper homes for a friendly game of indoor bowling-prizes will be provided.

    Are you a Free Thinker?-Wed, April 29th @ 10:00/101:

    When it comes to religion, what do you consider yourself, a secularist, humanist, atheist or agnostic? Or perhaps you’re at a stage of your life where you find yourself questioning your religious beliefs and wondering what comes next. Join this new group where you can meet others who are free thinkers. Facilitated by Don Schoenbeck.

    League of Women Voters-Thurs, April 30th @ 10:30/107:

    Learn about Water use and conservation in the County. Facilitated by Gigi.