April 2014




It’s finally Spring Time! So, “April Showers bring May Flowers.” We’ve all heard this rhyme before from either a parent or a teacher-but do you know where it came from?  The rhyme can be traced back to the mid 1500’s. where a man named Thomas Tusser compiled a collection of writings called, “A Hundred Good Points of Husbandry” in which there was a poem called “Sweet April showers/Do spring May flowers.” The meaning “April showers bring May flowers” is a reminder that even the most unpleasant of things-the heavy rains in April, can bring about very enjoyable things-the abundance of flowers in May. It is also a lesson in patience since many of life’s greatest things come to those who wait.



 If you haven't noticed by now, the center is having new lunch menu items! The stuffed Salmon in March was a big hit with us selling all 55 ordered! Some of the new items are: Honey Balsamic Chicken, Chicken in Cranberry Orange sauce and Seafood Salad. Members said “the vegetable lasagna, and bean burritos were great.” So many changes!  The new meals are trying to satisfy a variety of different tastes and preferences. So if we have a meal you really like, let us know!




Join us on Tuesday April 29th @ 11:00/Café for our Anniversary Buffet and Old Time Country Western Hoe Down Party. Enjoy a great

meal and music from the “New Time Fiddlers” So, wear your boots and mosey on down and join the fun!




Vital Aging/Valley Behavioral Health: Mon, April 21st @ 10:00 - 101B:

Monthly interactive workshops address how to maintain a healthy mind/body connection.  The topic will be Maintaining a healthy mind, body and soul.

Cooking for just 1 or 2?: Mon, April 21st @ 10:30am/Café:

Monthly interactive cooking workshop that teaches you how to cook the right amount for just one or two so that food gets eaten and not wasted. Learn new and delicious recipes that will surely please even the pickiest eaters. By Western Stairlifts.

Enhancing Safety Inside and Out: Mon, April 28, May 5, 12, 19 @ 10:00am/101:

Join this 4 week safety course that covers a different safety message each week: “What was safe when you were young vs. today”  “Name the Hazard”  “Home Safety” and “Senior Safety” classes will have trivia questions and prizes small and large. Facilitated by Carol Avery Health Educator for Salt Lake County.

Aches and Pains Assessments– Tues, April 1st @ 9:30am/106:

Have your aches and pains assessed by a physical therapist from Mountain Land Physical Therapy and Rehab. Sign up for an appointment.

String Orchestra-Tues/Thurs, April 1, 3, 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, 24, 29 @ 12:00pm:

Has it been too long since you played your string instrument? Join the Center’s string orchestra. Practice held  Tuesday and Thursday. Facilitated by Ester Larsen. Have to read music.

AARP Drivers Safety–Wed, April 2nd @ 10:00am-3pm 107:

Learn safe driving techniques and strategies. Safe Driver Certificate awarded upon completion. $15 for AARP members/$20 for non-members. 

Leather Workshop-Thurs, April 3, 10, 17, 24 @ 9:30am/101:

Learn how to make beautiful pieces of art with leather. Facilitated by Cecilia Espinoza and Frenidad Hispania Group.

Spanish Class-Thurs, April 3, 10, 17, 24 @ 10:00am/206:

Learn, colors, shapes and basic conversation. Facilitated by Toshio.

Women’s Support Group-Thurs, April 3rd @ 10:00am/107:

Wellness Support group: learn to identify, understand and  release your emotions. Facilitated by Jenny Yau.

The Right Time to Write-Fri, April 4th @ 10:00am/107:

This is a fun and informative 30-minute guided presentation, especially designed for seniors to help write down your life tales and memories.

Facilitated by Bob Canaan.

Civil War Discussion Group-Fri, April 4th @ 10:00am/101:

An open forum for those interested in the events, politics, personalities of the great conflict.

Dream Workshop-Mon, April 7, 21, @ 10:00am/107:

Do you wonder what dreams mean or why we even have them? Facilitated by Liz Jolly, CSW with 30+ year experience with dream work.

Senior Cruises-Tues, April 8th @ 10:00/101A:

Find out where Senior Cruises are heading for the year: Canada, Alaska, South America, Russia, Norway, Israel and Tahiti. Facilitated by Cruise Lady Diane.

Lunch Bunch-Tues, April 8th @ 10:00:

Utah Museum of Art. Explore the museum and eat with friends.

Health Screenings by Westminister College Students-Wed, April 9th @ 9:30am/101:

FREE screenings: Balance, B.P. Blood Sugar, Vision and PVD.  Sign up for a time on the table.

Parkinson’s Support Group- Thurs, April 10th @ 2:00pm/101:

Dr. Jim Ballard will be discussing exercise and wellness for Parkinson’s. Facilitated by Barbara Royal.

Current Events-Fri, April 11, 25 @ 10:00am/107:

Participate with a vigorous group of Center Seniors.

Intermountain Therapy Animals-Fri, April 11th/Café:

Find out what a therapy animal is and how they help others. Facilitated by Colleen.

Nutritional Label Reading-Mon April 14th @ 10:00am/107:

Find out how to read labels and eat well to help you enjoy your best health as you age. Shopping and cooking tips. Facilitated by Jonnell Masson, Dietician from Harmons.

Essential Oils-Wed, April 16 @ 1;00pm/101:

Learn how oils can cure summer ailments with Sue and Cliff.

Journal Writing-Thurs, April 17th @ 1:00pm/107:

Going over the basics of journal writing, healing, autobiography, achieving goals. Facilitated by Shelly.

Strength Training with Sandy Health and Rehab– Thurs, April 17th @ 10:00/Gym:

Join Physical Therapist Steve, practice safe and healthy weight training.

A Senior for a Senior– Fri, April 18th @ 11:00/101:

Adopt an older pet-Utah Animal Adoption Center.

Soap Making-Fri, April 18th/Café:

Make Glycerin bars of soap-great for gifts. $10.00 for 8 bars w/Lisa.

Easter Lunch & Bonnet Contest-Fri, April 18th @ 11:00/Café, Blue Grass Band Lunch:

Show off those bonnets for all to see. Prizes will be given to the prettiest and funniest.

Healthy Mind and Body-Mon, April 21st @ 10:00am/101 B:

Exploring mind-body connections for a healthy body. Facilitated by Rhonda Bush, VMH.

Mother’s Day Photos-Tues, April 22nd @ 9:30/101:

Have your family photos done by our own Shutter Bugs just in time for the holiday!  Sign up for a time.

Living Wills and Trusts-Wed, April 23rd @ 10:00/101:

Why they are very important. Sue & Cliff.

San Francisco-Fri, April 25th @ 10:00/101:

Join the 8th series of travel presentations, Mike Cook takes us on a journey to California-find out what to do and see.

An Experienced Gardener-Wed, April 30th @ 10:00am/101:

Starting seeds/garden. Gardner Craig.