January 2015




We wish all our members a very Happy New Year!

With the new year upon us, you may be thinking about setting some goals for 2015.  It is important to set resolutions and goals that are realistic, reasonable and attainable in small steps.  

Resolutions don’t have to be all or nothing.  It can be as easy as trading one can of soda for a glass of water, or giving up one desert per week. The Center  wants you to achieve your goals.  Good health to all!

The beginning of the year is the best time to replace batteries in your smoke alarms and Co2 detectors.  This is an easy but important resolution definitely worth keeping. 

January’s Health Topic is, Beating the Winter Blues!  Short days, long nights, snow, ice and cold can be depressing.  Here is a sure-fire way to avoid the winter blues: Come to Sandy Senior Center more often, where you can socialize, exercise, enroll in a class, play cards, eat lunch, participate in a dance class, volunteer, to name but a few of our anti-blues opportunities.  Be sure to join us Monday January 12th at 11:00am for our, “Beat the Winter Blues Hawaiian Party”.   Enjoy a touch of the warm tropics at Sandy Senior Center in mid-January.  Break out your tropical shirts, skirts, flip flops, sun glasses and straw hats and wear them to the Center, where you can mingle with fellow lovers of the tropics and enjoy our lovely Hawaiian dancers perform in traditional native dress. A tropical treat with be served with lunch. 

Don’t Forget About These Great Classes:

Irish Dancing, Belly Dancing and Hawaiian Dancing, Tues, Thurs, and Fridays at 1:00pm. Civil War History the first Friday monthly at 10:00am. Stained Glass on Thursdays at 10:00am. Tai Chi on Tues and Thurs at 2:00pm. Raku Pottery Friday’s at 11:00am. Ceramics Tuesday’s at 10:30 and Woodcarving Monday’s at 9:00am.

Enhanced Fitness on M, W, F at 7:45 and Zumba on Wed at 11:10.

New Class:

Chair Yoga: Wednesdays weekly, 7, 14, 21, 28th @ 1:30/101: This yoga class is based on Silver Sneakers, a more relaxing, slower paced yoga. It will replace the gentle yoga held on Thursday afternoons. Great for beginners or those with back and neck problems. Facilitated by David Brandon, licensed yoga instructor.

The center will be CLOSED on Wednesday Jan 1st & Monday Jan 19th


Wild Bird Feeding Workshop-Tues, Jan 20 @ 9:30am/206:

Participants will make seed-covered pine cone ornaments to tie on a recycled Christmas tree, which will become the Center’s Bird Feeder Station. You will also receive the 2015 schedule for the Naturalist Walks. Facilitated by Dr. Ty Harrison and June Ryburn

Food $ense Nutrition-Fri, Jan 23rd @ 10:00/101:

Learn healthy, quick and easy recipes while staying on a budget. Also discussing Dietary guidelines. Facilitated by Utah State University Assistants.

Music and Memory Connection-Mon, Jan 26th @ 10:00am/101:

Learn about how music “heals the soul” and the amazing connection and breakthrough effects music has on Alzheimer’s patients.  See how people respond before and after music therapy. Facilitated by Alle Salazar, with Jewish Family Services.

National Brownie Day-Mon, Jan 26th @ 11:15/Café:

Celebrate National Brownie Day with us and Cottonwood Senior Living. Get a delicious brownie topped with ice cream with lunch. YUM!

Understanding Dementia-Fri, Jan 30th @ 10:00am/107:

Learn about Dementia, its challenging behaviors, redirection techniques, communicating with others and resources available. Facilitated by Silverado Hospice’s Terra Dennis.

AARP Tax Aide-Starting Fri Feb 6th– April 10th. Fridays weekly. Call the center for an appointment. Bring your reading glasses, 2013 tax return and valid picture ID.

February 2015




February is a great time to think about your heart. Not only is it the month we celebrate love and romance, it’s also American Heart Month. So as Cupid begins stirring affections, be sure to take care of the most important heart of all-Your Own! 

Here are some Heart Health Approved Tips:

Eat healthy, low fat foods with lots of fruit and vegetables; sit less, get up and MOVE more; maintain a healthy weight; get regular check-ups, and sip tea. Laugh out loud-laughing increases blood flow for 45 minutes, meditate and be grateful and have a positive outlook on life and recall happy times from your past which can boost your immune system. Wear the color RED on Fri, Feb 27th to celebrate heart health day and receive a treat at lunch!

 Here are some AMAZING facts about your Heart:

  • Everyday, your heart creates enough energy to drive a truck for 20 miles! 
  • Your heart beats over 100,00 times per day!
  • Your heart changes and mimics the music you listen to-fast or slow!
  • Your heart beat will change to beat at the same time as your loved one when looking into each others eyes for 3 minutes!
  • Your heart will still beat even if removed from the body-it runs on it’s own electrical current!     
  • Fun Times


    Wednesday Feb 11th is: “Name a Friend Day” as well as “White T-Shirt Day”

    So we at the center are going to combine the two and have a “Name a friend ON the White T-Shirt Day” we will be passing around a white t-shirt in the morning before bingo for you to write a friends name on it from the center then we will put it on display for all to see.

     11:15am Entertainment, The New Fiddlers.  Come Celebrate the one you love with your friends at the Center. Enjoy a delicious meal with a special Valentine’s treat! Lunch starts at 11:45 am but come early to get a great seat for the entertainment!

    Diabetes-what it’s all about-Mon, Feb 2nd @ 10:00am/101:

     Learn new facts, info, tips and the Do’s and Don’ts of Diabetes. Facilitated by Elizabeth Evans, Intermountain Healthcare Pharmacy Education and Research Manager.

    Senior String Orchestra Class-Tues, Feb 3, 10, 17, 24th @12:00pm/101. Thurs, Feb 5, 12, 19, 26th@ 9:00am/206:

     Join our String Orchestra, all skill levels are welcome. Learn and have fun! Facilitated by Peg Hardin.

    Knee Pain-what to do about it!-Tues, Feb 3rd @ 10:45/101A:

     Do you have join pain, specifically knee pain? If so come and see what causes it, and what you can do to reduce it! Facilitated by Dr. Meadows from Alta View Sports Medicine. Treats provided.

    How to Love your Heart-Wed, Feb 4th @ 10:00am/107:

    Learn how to “love” your heart and how to keep them strong and healthy. Ask questions and get helpful tips and techniques from Sandy Health and Rehab Physical Therapist along with Adrienne Sirstins.

    Chair Yoga: Wed, Feb 4, 11, 18, 25th @ 1:30/101:

     This yoga class is based on Silver Sneakers, a more relaxing paced yoga done in a chair. Great for beginners or those with back and neck problems. Facilitated by David Brandon, licensed instructor.

    Mindful Gentle Yoga-Thurs, Feb, 5, 12, 19 26th  @ 12:45pm/201:

     Gentle Yoga is for those who want a relaxing experience, great for beginners or those with aching bodies. Taught by Karen Walker.

    Manicures-Fri, Feb 6, 13, 20, 27th @ 9:00am/106:

    Manicure service provided every Friday. Appts from 9:00am –12:00pm. Includes nail clippings, a polish and a lotion hand massage. Kimberly Jensen.

    Donation $8.00./ $10 for Shellac nails.

    Civil War Discussion-Fri, Feb 6th @ 10:00am/107:

    An open forum group for those interested in the war between the states. Facilitated by Judy Wilder and Marcia.

    Grace in Aging Part 2-Fri, Feb 6th @ 10:00am/101:

    Perhaps we’ve hardened our opinions and beliefs as we’ve aged, but we’ve all had the experience of an open mind, eager to expand its horizons. If we have not had that experience often, we can cultivate it. This meeting is that invitation! Facilitated by Richard Nelson.

    Cognitive Therapeutics-Mon, Feb 9th @ 10:00am/101:

     A non-pharmaceutical intervention program designed for dementia and mild cognitive Impairment. Facilitated by Sheryl Salas-Diamantino

    Oils for Cholesterol-Mon, Feb 9th @ 10:00am /107:

    Are you concerned about the side effects of the Stantin Drugs, (Cholesterol) Join us today and learn what essential oils can do for you. Facilitated by Sue Burndett.

    Parkinson’s Support Group Thurs, Feb 12th @ 2:00pm/107: Mike Ogden from Valeo will be bringing in one of their Speech Therapists to work with the members on their speech and language.

    Taking Medications on time-Fri, Feb 13th @ 10:00am/107: Pharmacy students will discuss the importance of taking your medications on time

    and correctly. They will help you fill out medication charts available. Bring all your medications for reviewing. Facilitated by U of U Pharmacy Students.

     Current Events-Fri, Feb 13th, 27th @ 10:00am/101:

    Honorable Judge Paul C. Farr with the Justice Court in Sandy on 2/13 will discuss the types of cases that come through his court.

    Vital Aging: Improving Your Sleep-Mon, Feb 23rd @ 10:00am/107:

    Do you have difficulty falling asleep or languishing through periods of wakefulness when trying to find sleep? Learn what you can do to prepare yourself for sleep and improve your quality of sleep. Facilitated by Rhonda Bush.

    Trusts, Wills, and Health Care Directives-Mon, Feb 23rd @ 10:00am/101:

    This presentation will teach the basic concepts and help you understand how an estate plan can better prepare you and your families in the future. Facilitated by Russ Blood Law.

    Care givers support group-Thurs, Feb 19th(thirdThursday every month) @ 10am/107:

     Are you a Caregiver and need some support in your busy life? This is the group for you. Facilitated by Sylvia Brunisholz, LCSW, CMC and Missy Johnson from Sunrise Senior Living of Sandy.

    Strength Training with Sandy Health and Rehab– Thurs, Feb 19th @ 10:00/Cafe:

    Join Physical Therapist Steve, practice safe and healthy weight training with one on one assistance.

    Generic Price Shopping Drugs-Fri, Feb 20th @ 10:00am/101:

    Is there really a difference in buying name brand over generic brand? Is name brand better or do they both contain the same active Ingredients? Find out and have questions answered. Facilitated by Christine Day-Pharmacist at Prison.

    Hearing Screenings-Fri, Feb 20th @ 10:00am/106:

    Come and get your hearing checked for free, have your hearing aides checked too! sign up for a time. Facilitated by Dr. Hammond from Connect Hearing

    Mental Health Issues in the County-Thurs, Feb 26th @ 10:30am/107:

    Mental Health Issues within the County. Facilitated by The League of Women Voters.

    AARP Tax Aide-Starting Fri, Feb 6th– April 10th. Fridays weekly. Call the center for an appointment. Bring your reading glasses, 2013 tax return and valid picture ID.