About Us


This Center is a joint effort between the City of Sandy and Salt Lake County Aging and Adult Services.

The city provides the facilities and it’s upkeep and Salt Lake County Aging Services provides the operating staff. The numerous activities supported by this center are staffed by countless volunteers.

Center Staff:

  • Center Manager: Charles Otis
  • Program Manager: Autumn Donivan
  • Office Specialist: Diana Butcher
  • Kitchen: Cindy Cruz
  • Instructors: Trish Gray, Vicki Arcado, Becky Walton
  • Maintenance: Yogi
  • Van Driver: Scott Hess

2014 Advisory Council:

President: Maggie Steele

Vice President: Bob Mueller

Secretary:  Rayna Scott

Treasurer:  Dave Nicholson

Members: Waneta Peterson, Tom Wilson, Bonnie Shaffer, Lorna Bouchard, Patty Brichford, Kathleen Cline, Bob Adair (Adhoc Treasurer), Shauna South, Kathy Thueson, Kurt Vanuitert.

Community Representatives:

Kevin Bybee (Sandy City),Carol Wilox & Holly Peterson (Alta View Hospital), Robyn Child (Atria Sandy).

 There is a council of 15 elected seniors who provide direction and support for the center, and the above staff. 

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